about one plus one


So far , for nearly more than 8 years of providing the Entertainment Industry in Egypt and the Middle East even North
Africa and the Arab World our services and products for talents and individuals harnessing the latest technology and
talents to achieve our clients and talents their goals with the best entertainment

experience,No matter what challenge could be faced only by one plus one at any time


Since ONE PLUS ONE founded late 2016 and till now we managed to play a great rule by providing creative talents the proper opportunity and exposing the Entertainment Industry to a breath taking New born talents invading the media market share as it always evolves over time

ONE PLUS ONE grow up more and more every day, Invading and innovating each sector of the Entertainment Industry. Having the plus by one is always a win providing to our production studios for each the talent it needs gives us the opportunity to provide the full production service any production needs with most effective costs and rate.

Our service now varies (Music production, Music videos, Post production, VFX for TV and Film, Animation, Events and podcast)

ABOUT COMPANY one plus one

ONE PLUS ONE founded to be the gate of making your Dreams and thoughts touch human souls

MISSION one plus one


Enhancing the production experience and providing the talent the productive Environment so we could make the art meet client’s needs at their typical standard.


Bushing the limits further with every new tech possible in the entertainment industry providing our clients the most innovative and cost effective solutions to their needs

VISSION one plus one

ceo founders

CEO one plus one
CEO one plus one
Mahmoud Hamdy